Lamb for any occasion

Publicado el agosto 24, 2018

Every time we wish to make a special meal for family or friends, we end up with the same old things: steak, chicken, pasta… Here we have a forgotten recipe that will give us some variety to offer to our loved ones.

Lamb has been a bit forgotten lately, but it has been one of the most basic and representative sources of nutrition, and other things, to many throughout history. Sheep was always considered of great value, since it could provide meet and milk, as well as wool and many other products. Yet, the changes in lifestyle have relegated lamb a bit, and it is not often we take the time to make it into something great.

We have left a little behind the beauty of preparing a hearty meal with traditional value. Let’s take the chance with this lamb leg roast recipe, to enjoy something delicious and healthy, with the added value of a connection to those who depended on this great nutritional source before us.